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"This dead of midnight is the noon of thought/And wisdom mounts her zenith with the stars."

It's been a day of good and bad decisions; particularly, of decisions which are both good (for my happiness) and bad (for my finishing of work before spring break). For example, I didn't go to CS because I wanted to do work. But then Henry came in and made me help him with the crossword. But I wanted to help him with the crossword more than I wanted to work on this paper, so I did.

Then I had to go get vans for spring break. Then I had to go buy new running shoes for spring break. Then I had to eat.

After that, the line between "obligation" and "choice" became very, very blurred. Yes, it was incredibly important to watch the final hour and a half of "Fanny and Alexander" (Ingmar Bergman's chef d'oeuvre abouut which I may say mroe at a later date). It was also a very good thing to go to Taku's room, eat his yummy cheese, drink his jug wine, and engage in exciting conversation that reminded me more of being home than most social things here do. However, did I do anything between the hours of 4:30 and midnight (wow, that's quite a stretch of time) for this paper which needs to be finished before 4 pm tomorrow so I can drive for 14 hours (not me personally driving the whole time) down to Alabama in order to start playing frisbee at 9 am on Saturday and not stop until the following Sunday evening? No, not as such.

Now, I'm torn between going to bed and waking up in a few hours to get back to this, or staying up for another several hours. Sleep being a very important ingredient in good paper writing, I think I'll set my alarm for 7 am and pray to whoever will have me that I'll be able to get up when I need to. Another mildly worrisome thing is the length of this paper; not that it won't be long enough, but that I am not actually that far into it in terms of the poem that I'm analyzing but perhaps too far into it in terms of pages written. This is a problem that I rarely, if ever, have, but it poses the double threat of this still taking several more hours of solid work, and when said work is finished, being over the page limit.

But then it will be spring break and I will be one of three girls in a van of loud, wonderful boys and it will be fabulous.
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