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Spring break was amazing. Now I am frantic because I just got a call from a woman at the study abroad program I want to do; the application is due tomorrow and I was planning on not getting it in on time and having that not really matter, but apparently they're getting lots of applications and they think it's important to stick to the deadline, so now I have to (start and) finish the application, get signatures, ask the professors I already asked for recommendations to email/fax their recs instead of mailing them... and I don't know what else. I also have a midterm for my english class to do, which as far I as I know from glancing at it about week ago should take several solid hours of work.

I got back at 4.30 am after driving all night after 10 days of sun and frisbee and beer. I made friends with people I did not expect, and I wish that I had more time to write about the conversations I had and what surprised me and what I learned, and also how I dove into the atlantic ocean naked at three thirty in the morning, but there are things that I must attend to. Wish me luck.

UPDATE (3:30 pm): the application is filled out except for the "describe yourself/your personality" section, which I've decided to leave for later. there are many signatures to get and I've been a whiny, annoying bitch to several professors via email, but hopefully that will all work out. I hope that this is worth it.

Now, onto romantic poetry!!
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