emily (voiceofyoureyes) wrote,

dejeuner sur l'herbe

This is amazing. It is spring, first of all, and though there is a 90% chance of rain at the frisbee tournament tomorrow (and apparently a chance of snow for Sunday)(!!), I spent a glorious hour having lunch on the grass with an ever changing group of delightful people. I love when everyone comes out of the woodwork and takes part in each other's conversations and tackles one another while giggling maniacially. That last was more vertigogo boys than anyone else, but still a pleasure to be around.

Before that, my macro professor gave an amazing lecture, during which he espoused a theory he hates with an entirely straight face. I only now realize that it was probably for April Fool's Day; that is, I knew it was a joke the whole time, but not why he chose today for teaching it. It's not really a joke because this guy (Prescott) won the nobel prize last year, but it certainly is an unnerving and coldhearted way at looking at the world. The best way to make him sound like a fool is to say that he thinks that unemployment is just people choosing to take vacations. What's more disturbing than that, even, is that if this had been the first day of class, I would have written it all down and made it make sense in my head. It's internally consistent, after all. So imagine taking macro with Prescott, or taking any econ class with any conservative theorist. It would be so different! I'm not sure what I think about that.

There is a baseball game and birds outside of my window. I finished my CS homework in ample time and am now left to loiter, read, go pick up vans, and grin quietly to myself until we leave for Penn State in a few hours.
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