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je suis meilleure

So, briefly, I wanted to say things are better, at least in this exact moment. Why? Yesterday I had a picnic in the Tuileries, wine and cheese and bread and strawberries. The grey clouds against the white sky made us a little nervous, but it didn't start raining until the moment we had finished everything. Then we walked up Avenue de l'Opera for a dance performance, which was a strange combination of classical and contemporary dance, and amazing costumes, and lots of sex. Then we went out to a great bar where they gave us a couple free drinks for no particular reason, and we met two french men, one of whom spoke english with an irish accent. They were pretty cool guys, and everyone made fun of me because I was from los angeles. But the "Irish" one is apparently a big fan of Venice Beach, and got incredibly excited when I told him where I lived.

Afterwards I walked home, which was probably not the smartest thing but actually felt really safe. There were enough people that I knew they could hear me scream if something happened.

And today I got my classes! And none of them are on Friday and they're really cool: one about French New Wave Cinema, one about children's literature, and one about disillusionment in French literature. When I get home I will start doing things for the world, I promise. But everyone told me it's okay to be self-indulgent while in Paris, and I'm doing my best to listen to them. So I go out to too-expensive bars and I take literature classes and I'm going to go to budapest, spain, amsterdam...

I'm newly excited about being here.
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